Nour Daher


Aramoun, LEBANON

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24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Lebanese American University, Lebanon, Nour Daher
About This Project

Nour Daher has an ongoing dialogue with nature’s beauty, Beirut’s legacy and the art world that drives her design approach.

Her designs conceive a world built on a signature of timeless heritage and powerful femininity.

Through experimentations with fine materials, colour, textiles, vivid prints and detailed craftsmanship, her work present to the modern woman an emblem of delicacy and contemporary beauty.

Nour recently graduated with a B.A in Fashion Design from the Lebanese American University in collaboration with London College of Fashion and Elie Saab. She previously did internships at Sara Melki and George Hobieka in Lebanon as well as Mary Katrantzou in London.

This Collection: Relics

The inspiring life of Lee Miller the model, photographer and war correspondent triggered the search into old family photographs, stained letters and enshrined memory boxes to put in a locket the surviving remains of the spent days.

Reminiscing over old scenes of Beirut, the collection translates the vintage feel of the past into fresh and sophisticated looks focusing on innovative textiles and modern silhouettes.