Noah Sancho



22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Noah Sancho, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Spain
About This Project

Born July 1987 in Spain, and raised in Israel, Noah was exposed from early on to international culture and fashion.

From a young age and throughout her adolescence, she showed interest in dance, art and drama – anything artistic and expressive. The exposure to the fashion world began very soon as well, as she used to sketch fashion illustration since the early age of 7.

Noah realized that fashion design is her passion and goal in life and decided to pursue it, while keeping up with the love for dance as a part of the “colors of dance” company (as a dancer and occasionally costume designer). She graduated from SHENKAR College of engineering and design last year (and received a diploma of excellence in her 3rd year).

In a design process, Noah finds inspiration in a variety of artistic disciplines (music, cinema, architecture, design).

In most of her designs she creates around the body and uses its movement and form as an inspiration and a source of new creations.
Her love and admiration of Fashion History is noticeable in her work, as well as her search of incorporating new materials and technique.