Monika Lobos




24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Istituto Secoli, Monika Lobos, Poland
About This Project

My name is Monika Lobos and I’m 24. I live in Cracow, Poland, but my second home is Milan, where I was studying fashion for the past 3 years.

My design style is minimal with a twist, it can be a splash of colour or a print or interesting detail. I draw my inspiration mostly from architecture, but also from travelling around the world. This is my other love, and I couldn’t design without it.
Seeing the cultures, landscapes and especially people brings me to life and makes my creativity flow.

Since I remember art has been a big part of my life, so after graduating from high school I applied to Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (my hometown) where I was studying interior design. This period of my life enriched me as a person. I was able to try different forms of art, and I learned how to express myself through painting, sculpting and designing. Finally, I found my way in fashion, but those years of self-discovery will always be my greatest asset.

After finding out what I really wanted to do, I started my fashion design course at SAPU in Cracow. After three years I have graduated, but I still felt hunger for more, fortunately, thanks to my brother (and partner in crime) I moved to Milan with him to study at Istituto Marangoni. That was a great step and I am happy I did it as I learned so much there and I met great friends and teachers I will remember forever.

Of course design is nothing if you can’t bring it to life, so to be able to produce what my crazy head designs, I have decided to do my MA in clothing construction at Istituto Secoli, where I have learned everything that is to learn about pattern making. I have just graduated from Secoli and I am ready to dip my toes in the fashion industry.