Mirjana Klepic



24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Croatia, Mirjana Klepic, TTF Faculty of Textile Technology
About This Project

I believe art raises questions, while design communicates the answer.

Studying fashion design, mastering theory of fashion and culture, I conceptualize the transgression of that duality.

Having a background in dance, I’m searching for movement in pattern making, multitude in presentation and an ongoing possibility of transformation. My research is directly connected to modifying silhouettes, making sculptural captions of ever-changing fragments, hence the preference in monochrome hues.

Challenging the idea of change as a constant, I find inspiration in hybrid entities; fictional as well as real.

Thinking of creativity as a single thought one is transfixed on, recycling becomes the modus operandi of the creative process. Clothes reenact the personality of the wearer as a space of reinvention and free expression. In this sense, the creativity of the design does not end with the production of actual garments. That sort of perpetual dialogue is what I’m emphasizing in each stage and field of fashion I’m involved with; design, production, photography, digital and physical swatches, jewelry and accessories.

Following wholeheartedly my vision, I have had the amazing honor of being recognized and rewarded as a winner of two of the most prominent fashion competitions in this region, which enabled me to take part in main fashion weeks in Croatia last couple of seasons.