Marketa Martiskova



Photo Credit

Photographer: Jakub RA
Model: Eva Che, Anton Savitskij
Make-up: Jitka Giuditta Moulisová

24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Czech, Marketa Martiskova, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
About This Project

Marketa Martiskova is currently working on setting up her own fashion and accessories label ‘STOP’ based in Antwerp.

She looks to the world and identifies social distraction, day-to-day topics and global issues through designs. She is communicating through symbols, typography, prints and employed techniques. She strives to provide her clients with environment-friendly and recycling based designs.

She is using certain kind of,,leftovers,, from production or even raw materials which could be regarded as waste ,, but to her, they represent a new start, a departure point for working with and developing interesting fabrics and creating beautiful non-netted sweaters and coats by using technique of needle punching collaborating with company Klatex. Her designs could be described like painting with textile. Marketa is also designing hats made from recycled rabbit hair in collaboration with company Tonak.

Marketa studied fashion design in her home country, the Czech Republic, then in Slovakia and after in the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After and during her studies, she had the opportunity to work on major projects for brands such as Veronique Branquinho, Lena Lumelsky and before Volkswagen or Audi. Marketa was selected as a young talent to present her work during the On/Off London Fashion Week and the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and won several awards doing so. Her designs were for example part of the exhibition in Stockholm – Utopian Bodies Fashion Looks Forward or in China (Chengdu) – Future of Fashion.