Maria Popova



Photo Credits

Photographer: Alex Manchev, Radoslav Deliychev
Model: Ivet Fashion

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Bulgaria, Maria Popova, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
About This Project

Maria Popova began her career studying fashion design at New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

Through her education she has participated in many national and international competitions and fashion shows such as:

– project and showcase, completed from fashion house “Etere”, First place in the competition of women’s fashion collection for knitting;
– company “Kris Fashion”, Design – manufacture of women’s fashion collection for “Renault Bulgaria”, International competition “Heimtextil”, design-making man’s shirt;
– finalist, ITS 2013;
– participation in the fashion master class with Gunda Bornkessel and Nelly Miteva.

In her second year, she earned her first prize for her design inspired by Art Deco, in Triumph inspiration award 2011 Bulgaria and she win a special prize.

In her third year, she is a finalist again in Triumph inspiration award 2012 Bulgaria, with her design inspired by Chinese architecture.

At the end of her education became part of the finalists of the contest Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2013, with her women’s fashion collection inspired by Fifty shades of grey (in X-ray).

Maria completes his master’s graduation under the direction of Veselin Yordanov and Nikolay Pachev, famous bulgarian designers and stylists.
When Maria Popova is designing, she is inspired by different approach to experiment with texture and shape, architecture, and color.

She said : “My concept is influenced by a small but diverse section of society that lives and works in an urban area. “Nomad” suggests a chosen lifestyle, and it also suggests that urban nomads live through adapting rather than controlling our environment.
My collection brings a message using the form through layers, silhouette, texture of fur, colors – tone in tone.”