Madeleine Coisne



Winner of

Mittelmoda 22nd Edition
Special Award TEXTILE

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, France, Madeleine Coisne, Paris, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, winner
About This Project

After graduating from high school, with a science orientated diploma, Madeleine followed a one-year-foundation in Paris, and started studying at the Royal Academy in september 2010.

For Madeleine, creating something with a soul is essential. She strives to combine colors and fabrics in unconventional shape, while maintaining a balance between simplicity, expressivity, tradition and experiment.

Various elements in Madeleine’s childhood shaped her art, such as houses interior design, travelling abroad, which she continuously feeds with new inspiration.

Regarding this particular collection, early memories of her parents’ wardrobe nourished the inital idea of the silhouette she wanted to create. Additionally, she decided to materialise her fascination for both ecclesiastic clothes and motifs from Antwerpen’s train station.
Madeleine used the flat aspect of dalmatics worn by priests to create geometric silhouettes, and then contrasted these stern structures by pushing the work of decoration to the extreme, adding depth and rythm within a two dimensional framework.