Louise Kavanagh Loughlin



24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Ireland, Louise Kavanagh Loughlin
About This Project

Louise Kavanagh Loughlin is a 21yr old Irish fashion design graduate of the National College of Art and Design. As a child despite growing up in the inner city suburbs of Dublin, she obsessed about moving away.
Her current collection is inspired by the move to New York city and reflects upon todays society (read below). Her work is influenced by the people around us and the current political climate, but nothing is taken too seriously, but it is blunt -just like her personality. Surface hand embroideries and concepts play a very important role in her work. Inspiration is always influenced by the sickness of the western world and consumerism and takes on a graphic style.
Loughlin has interned with stylists and as a wardrobe assistant for stage and screen in Ireland over the many years, -as well having completed internships with irish designers Emma Manley, John Rocha, and her most recent experience which was spent with Proenza Schouler in New York City.


‘Make America Fake Again’ is a 6 outfit womenswear collection which stems from my childhood idea of the American Dream and the ironically still beautiful, nightmare its become.
Each outfit is designed around a character synopsis derived from the American Dream, The Money Maker, The Immigrant,The Housewife, The Beauty Queen, The Consumer, and The Cowboy.
The collection is a visual response to the sickening culture of consumerism. Garments are a combination of layered up silhouettes i.e. coats upon coats which contain illustrated embroideries which are a visual response to the world we live in today.
Hand embroidery, appliqué and beading are a main feature in my collection serving the purpose of reflecting on today’s society. Pieces are made up of hand embroideries of caricature images of sick exhausted looking women with bags under their eyes, who are glamourised by sequins and beading in a graphic style.
The glamorisation of the worn out women is a response to how women today are taught to buy into products to alter their look all while keeping up with many other expectations.