Lorena L'Innocente



Photo Credits

Photographer: Leonie Francke
Model: Luise Hahn

Winner of

Mittelmoda 22nd Edition
Special Award LECTRA

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Italy, Lorena L'Innocente, Rome, winner
About This Project

Graduate at HFK-University of the Arts in Bremen in 2013, Lorena L’Innocente strongly believes that young designers could change the world and the general perception of fashion, she said:

“Fashion could be conceived, installed and presented and, at the same time, inverted, always provoking and endeavoring to blur the line between itself and Art, Niche and System”

She conceives each garment as a uniform, which has a double function: to cover and protect the human body, as it is in peril. The garment is intended to uniform the wearer and at the same time to underline his identity, giving life to a common one, that preserves the individual.
Her Uniform creates a relationship between the man and the space he is surrounded by, as if he were in a fortress, in a bunker, not an impenetrable one, but an assaulted one. The origin of her creative process are words, expressions, thesis that lead her searching for photographic material, images, that could represent them.

“I am interested in closed stories, circular stories, past stories, with a beginning and an end, often characterized by melancholic or not rationally understandable nuances. This kind of Stories gives me the chance to decontextualize and associate them in a new way.
Because of my personality, my main interest is in Art, Costume History, in high concept, genuinely unwearable clothes, and in my own understanding of Fashion as a beautiful chaos , a playground where I can immerse myself in a theme and its obverse”
– Lorena L’Innocente

Since January 2015 she has been working in New York as Designer Assistant for the label Rubin&Chapelle and also collaborates as Free Lancer for the NY-based designer Melitta Baumeister.