Letizia Vicenzi


Venice, ITALY

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, I.U.A.V. University of Venice, Italy, Letizia Vicenzi
About This Project

Letizia loves art, beauty, design, architecture and fashion. She likes to travel
and to meet people and visit places and cultures that amplifies her vision of

Moved by her love for fashion, she began her studies at IUAV, the University of
Venice, in fashion design. She had the opportunity to meet many professionals in
the fashion field and later studied the composition of fabrics, project
development and museum exhibition.

Letizia created her first project titled “Double T-Dress” as an individual
expression that emphasises the uniqueness and personality of the woman. She set
up a brand with a concept of personalised style, creating clothes sewn based
upon the personality and physicality of women.

Sharing and understanding the priority of handcrafted and creative fashion, she
is full of ideas that respond to the needs of the new audience as a woman who
lives in the present both vividly and intensely.

Let’z then invites every woman that receives the dress to send through their own
personal interpretation via photos, videos or words to establish a conversation
between women of this world – women who are enthusiastic for an ironic and
enjoyable way of life and women who are well aware of their way of living.

Now she resides in Sydney, a multicultural city open to many relationships with
diverse people, allowing her to observe, to understand and to deeply know the
cultures of the world.