Julia Eberhardt



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Photographer: Urs Siedentop

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Germany, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Julia Eberhardt
About This Project

In April 2014, Julia graduated in “Integrated Design” from University of the Arts Bremen, Germany; “Integrated Design” studies include projects and creation development beyond the borders of design disciplines, as it combines graphic, product and fashion design.

This idea of interaction is a very important part in her own work – not to be limited in techniques and schemes of fashion design only, is a very necessary basis.

That is why Julia discovered and adopted the concept of Alchemy, with its aim of combining all the sciences and their strategies to investigate and examine nature and the human spirit, for design processes.

For her, the experiment itself is the base for the whole design process – trial and error, until she discovers a new “formula”, not following the usual path of pre-sketching and modelling.
Throughout her studies, Julia developed collections by working with generative pattern making – the cut of the clothes is thereby created following a specific system of shapes or actions (like you can see in her collection “Liquare”, where the patterns are created by melting forms made out of wax).

The specific garment is not necessary “designed” beforehand – sometimes something “unthinkable” is arising out of the process.

Brought to the body in a textile form, the silhouettes of the collection are always surprising.
Out of this way of working, Julia discovered the computer as her modern “wand” – the boundless possibilities in using CAD software in a creative way are an important source for her design.

Another important aspect for her, in developing a collection, is the creation and application of prints, giving a new dimension to surfaces and textures. She likes to work with digital print as well as with manual techniques.

In a print all the aspects of the collection, like shapes, colours and material, can be concentrated and exaggerated in a dramatic or supportive way.

In her eclectic research it is necessary for Julia to go back in time.
She is especially taken with the splendour, energy and vitality of baroque art, music and literature recently, it is not necessary to be obviously visible
in her collection, it is more the attitude and presence she likes to adopt.

In internships Julia tried to experience several aspects of the fashion industry, working for global wellknown brand Hugo Boss as well as for independent avant-garde designer Bernhard Willhelm, Paris.
Since January 2015 she is working for Vivienne Westwood, London.