Jon Mikeo


Barcelona, SPAIN

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Barcelona, Felicidad Duce, Jon Mikeo, Pamplona, Spain
About This Project

Jon Mikeo was born the 13th of February 1992 in Pamplona. At the age of 19, curious about design, he moved to Barcelona to study Fashion Design in FDMODA. During these years, he breathed fashion culture in multiples points of view. He interned in Santa Eulalia, the best tailor of the city, and in his third year of studies he got a specialization scholarship in Women’s wear at The London College of Fashion.

During this third year he focused his character as a designer and he also interned at Agi&Sam -for the London Men Collections- and Panos Yiapanis -assisting in editorials for VOGUE, LOVE and W-.

The project of his final year will be the one that launches Jon. An avant-garde collection that will be sawn and awarded by the China Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the Vancouver Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Modafad Platform at 080 Barcelona Fashion and in different contests as CreaModa or Encuentros Arte Joven.


We are always exploring about what is going to be the next. I feel that this rarely make us care about what we did before. The constant movement take us into the future forgetting about what we are and where we come from.

I love new silhouettes, volumes and textures. But the new experiences are what make us go further. Under these new creations I think we lost our tradition and the sound of it. My work talks about that. About a sensorial experience that brings us to our beginning. I feel that we can approach new limits on fashion without the need of new materials. I have been always surrounded about traditional sewing techniques at home. The bobbin lace has been always so inspiring for me. The sound of the wood made me get crazy for years. Behind the pain and this crazy sound I found the inspiration of a new proposal.

It is about rescuing old bobbins that were almost forgotten in an old box. Pure materials: wool and cotton. Plain colour. The forgotten wood. Nothing that we didn’t have, but maybe we did forget. A mid broken shell silhouette that remind us these memories and a really cared patterns and finishes. Everything is about to come.
It is all about getting these forgotten pieces and letting them sound by their own.
I feel that in the end, I try to approach to get something into the spectators mind.