Jeakyong Sim



24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Esmod Berlin, Jeakyong Sim, South Korea
About This Project

Jeakyong Sim is a South Korean fashion design student at Esmod Berlin.

He was raised in Seoul, South Korea. At age of 20, he left home to study fashion design at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Jeakyong transferred to Esmod Berlin in September 2016.

His work is influenced by personal memory of human interaction. It is often times rooted in past pains and retrospective views as well as interpreting the concept by curating spaces on the body. He has worked in costume production on the Dance performance “Forgotten friends” with choreographer Justin Francis Kennedy. Jeakyong has interned at Heohwan simulation in Seoul and Sadak Berlin. He is currently working on a graduate collection, influenced by his mother’s womanhood and self-identity questions.

Project “You are terrible Muriel”

Psychological objectification is a forceful abuse.

The starting point of the project comes from a personal experience when I felt dismissed by a sexual partner I encountered. It is about one’s heinous impulse granting power to someone to objectify your being. People are more likely to make senseless choices when they are in emotionally charged situations of sexual, intimate nature.

Another influence is Rhythm 0 by Marina Abramovic.

When she chose to temporarily give up her human awareness to the audience, their action of treating her as a mere art object escalated to violence rapidly.

However once the performance was over, no one could face her again as an average human being with conscience. I believe it displays your choice can let other’s to violate and degrade you in a detrimental result. Beginning with tight fitted base, I intend to make fully covered, masked bodies that lost the façade of human awareness. Also, by incorporating beading and feather curing in which represents the ornamentalization rooted from the act of degrading one’s identity into a mere decorative thing. Also I collected random decorations to be combined in the look, with furniture-purposed textiles such as corduroy and jacquard. Other elements such as ripped seams and dependent closure system are applied on the voluminous shapes of sleeve or pants.