Irina Kochergina


Moscow, RUSSIA


School of Oxana Tsareva

23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Irina Kochergina, Moscow, Russia, School of Oxana Tsareva
About This Project

My name is Irina, and I live in Moscow. Now I’m 33 years old, and it’s a good point to start something new in my life. Till 30 years I never consider myself to become a fashion designer.

I tried to find something, which could carry me away, can completely capture my mind. So I studied drawing, dancing and so one, but this was for me just a hobby, not a part of my life, just possibility to express one of my sides.

Once I decided to attend the classes of pattern making and sewing with a thought, that it would be nice to have some clothes made by myself. Step by step, with each following garment, I discovered, that I want to know more, to develop me in this direction.

I took some short courses at Istituto moda di Burgo, Saint Martins, attended the classes of fashion drawing in Moscow etc., I understood, what is really my cup of tee. I think fashion is so versatile that you can enjoy every part of the process: from research and inventing the idea to the first trying and then to ready garment.

This is my first collection, which name is «Poetry of shadows». In the period I began to think over the collection, I often returned home quiet late. At this time the lamps usually are on, and you can see many shadows from trees or people, who passing by. The movement of shadows and beautiful colors of evening sky led me to poetic mood.

I liked to take pictures, I liked walk, listening the lectures of poetry. And of course I have my muse, who’s poetry, beauty and life inspires me, and who’s refined profile can be guessed on some dresses. So I tried to make a very feminine collection, with beautiful transparent details. I used double-face fabrics, playing with dark and light sides of silk, producing the effect of light and shadow.

When I drawing the women in a dress, I did it with a nervous uneven line, which can remind of handwriting in the moment, when the verse are written in a hurry and inspiration. This lines transformed then to the embroidery, producing the effect, as for the clothes or part os the clothes was drawn.

As a conclusion I would say that it was a pleasure for me, working on the collection, and I’m glad to have it so poetic and tender.