Hocheol Moon



Winner of

Mittelmoda 23rd Edition
Most experimental collection "ELIO FIORUCCI"
Leather Special Award by ORIGIN

Photo Credits

Photographer: Mauricio F. Corridan & Olja Ryzevski
Model: Anastasia Vorobeva

23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Esmod Berlin, Hocheol Moon, Seoul, South Korea
About This Project

Hocheol Moon was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Though he was interested in the film and fashion since young, but Hocheol studied German Literature at the University. After through a german teacher and assistant director by broadcasting station, Hocheol worked for a textile agency as a agent.

During his work, Hocheol handled textiles imported from England and Italy and experienced various kinds of textiles from all over the world through the textile exhibition such as Premiere Vision and Milano Unica. In the meantime, Hocheol finally figured out what he really wants to be. That’s a FASHION DESIGNER.

In 2011, Hocheol started to study the fashion design at Esmod Seoul and then transferred to Esmod Berlin in 2012 and graduated in 2014.

Hocheol presented menswear collection titled ´A fisherman´ that contains his autobiographical story as a graduation collection. It was chosen the winner of ´New Blood Berlin Award. Also he was selected as a german delegate in Designblok 2014 held in Prague.

Hocheol catches himself thinking often about the relationship between humans and fashion.
One day an idea flashed him:

What if a house was a human body and interior design could be fashion?

With this idea in mind Hocheol started creating his collection, which was inspired by two contrasting interior and architecture styles: Zen and Art Nouveau
The former is his favorite style and very familiar.
In case of Zen – he tried to reflect Zen´s oriental mood and understrated design aesthetic.

From Art Nouveau – Hocheol was more inspired by unbalanced and rhythmical silhouette of curves. He focused more on Art Nouveau´s spirit that combines exotic culture than it´s splendid color combinations and ornaments.

As a literature major, Hocheol tries to combine fashion with literature and psychology and make a narrative collection that has humanity at its core.