Gabriela Braga Rodrigues



23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Brazil, Faculdade Santa Marcelina, Gabriela Braga Rodrigues
About This Project

Happiness is the new black, or so says designer Gabriela Braga, a brazilian, recently graduated student from Brazil. During her last year of university Gabriela decided to immerse herself deeply in a Knitwear universe and created the brand she leads to this day called Gabrielab.

Emerged mid 2014 in a mix of this desire for colors and knitwear, the first collection of the brand, Padre António, won a new designers competition, Brazilians to Be, at the Casa de Criadores fashion week in Sao Paulo with an International Jury.

The brands production is based in Brazil and the pieces are created in high tech machinery with comfortable yarns making up exclusive jacquards with prints created by the designer. These exclusive prints created over long researches overflow color and happiness.

The creational process of the brand, despite being knit in high tech machinery is all very artisanal, are garments are hand assembled, hand cut, and many hand sewn.

Gabriela works with themes for each of her collections, themes that she creates from her surroundings and inspirations, coming from books, music, videos, anything that could ignite a light inside of her.

With a bit over 1 year of existence, Gabrielab sells in China, Japan, Italy and Brazil, big fashion luxury boutiques like LuisaViaRoman and Alter Shanghai carry the brands one of a kind knits.