Erika Caldesi


Florence, ITALY



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Photographer: Gioconda & August Photographer
Model: Anna Boyar

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23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Erika Caldesi, Florence, Italy, Polimoda
About This Project

My name is Erika Caldesi. I was born in Empoli, Florence in 3/04/1993. I live in Lamporecchio (PT) a small town not to far from Florence whit my family. My mother, Masi Annunziata and my father Caldesi Graziano are merchant. I have one brother,his name is Rudy, he is a lawyer.

I started drawing dress when i was a little girl I created the dress for my barbie and I thought what material to use, candy paper, plastic or sugar candy. It has always been my dream to beacame a fashion designer. In july 2011 stage in fashion company “Pellemoda“, Designing outerwear, Empoli (FI), Italy. In 2012 graduated at technical institute of fashion, Sismondi Pacinotti school, Pescia.

This school used to have a final fashion show for every school year so I created from two to three outfit for the catwalk. I designed development cut and sewed a dozed off dresses. In 2013 begin Polimoda International Institute for the first six months I attended Fashion Tecnology course and then I started a fashion design course. In 2014 two dresses of my collection “Second Life“ were chosen for a Polimoda exposition in Florence, Villa Favard.

I graduated june 2015 showing for the final performance my collection “Fluo Rainbow”.This collection was to create plots of crinoline, taking the forms of iconic pieces, for example stud or shirt. About the choose of the colors my inspiration was from an icon of the 20’s, Miss Loie Fuller.

During school years I made some competitions and I was chosen by designer Pola Cecchi as a finalist of her contest “Premio GIULIACARLACECCHI” and after this I become part of her network of designer called “Sistema Copernicano“. In June 2015 and June 2016 GUESS, dresser, Florence (Osmannoro) Italy. September to December 2015 stage in fashion company “Flavio Castellani” fashion designer, Prato, Italy. April 2016 collaboration fashion designer with “Magnani Sposa“ for the collection “Magnani Bridal Couture 2017“, San Miniato, Italy.

I still make tailored dresses on commission. My next step is to work for an important brand and i learn tricks of the trade. Later i will create my brand.