Eleonora Olivieri



23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Accademia di Costume e di Moda, Eleonora Olivieri, Italy, Rome
About This Project

I was born in Rome, on the 25th of September 1993.
Since I was a little girl I have always had two passions: the first one was drawing, I drew every small thing that caught my eyes; the other one was fashion, as I enjoyed to dress up my sister in dresses made up by foulards and every other item I had at hand.

At 14, I channeled both these hobbies by enrolling in the Fashion and Design High School, where I grew up to attend the contest “La moda è di Moda” coming up first for my high school and fifth on a regional level.

After graduation, I enrolled in the “Accademia di Costume e Moda” in Rome, one of the most acknowledged institution in Italy for high level training in Fashion design. Since then I never stopped working for the field I worshiped and loved.

Indeed, during my last year at the Accademia I was selected for the contest “Riccione Moda Italia” as a finalist for the Underwear and Beachwear category, participating at the final runway with my designs.
In the same year, I won a Vogue contest, giving me the opportunity to design and realize a leather bag, to be exhibited during the “Vogue Talents in collaboration with LineaPelle” event, presented during the Milan Fashion Week 2015 in Palazzo Morando. The final design of the bag was featured on Vogue Italia (Issue October 2015) and on the Kering Group website.

In January 2016, I attended the Accademia Final Work, a talent show in which a selection of the graduating class presents their own collection during the AltaRoma event in front of a jury made up of great names of the Italian fashion world.
In there, I presented for the first time my collection: MIDNIGHT.

The collection has been inspired by Prague, a city of contrasts with a rough, sharp, unsettling façade that meets the eye. A medieval city full of myths and legends, that is the cornerstone of my collection, meant to be a journey back in time to take you to the Medieval age and its witch hunt, reinterpreting in a modern key the blouses of the “cursed women”.

A minimalistic approach that becomes nocturne, creating a mélange of different styles. Wrinkled double-fabrics made of silk, organdie and jacquard, zippers sinking into the fabric and resurfacing unconsciously. Shapes and cuts are unconventional, unusual, intertwined, twisted and bent as a representation of the torture and torment the alleged witches went into.

Pieces from my collection were featured on many different publications, both on a national and international level. Among these: Vogue Italia, Vogue Brazil, AltaRoma blog, Nasty Magazine, The Black Sheep section on Not Just a Label website, Ssstendhal Magazine, Obscurae Magazine, Dummy’s Tales, Art Sthread, Luxury4Lusso and ANSA Life Style.