Daniele Desiati


Taranto, ITALY
Daniele Desiati Fashion Designer

Photo Credits

Photographer: Silvio Bursomanno
Model: Luisa Lazzari

Winner of

Mittelmoda 22nd Edition
Special Award STONE

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Accademia SITAM, Daniele Desiati, Italy, Taranto, winner
About This Project

A natural grace and simple shapes mixed together into vivid and sinuous models; a bright outburst of colors and textiles give a notable touch of mere charm and beauty. This harmonious sight can be found in the creations of the young talent Daniele Desiati (Taranto,8-9-1992).

His innate love for art and colors was very evident early in his childhood; he earned a diploma in 2011 in gold and precious metals restoration and goldworking design at Liceo Artistico Statale “Lisippo” in Taranto. Sometimes his creations are soaked with decorative influences that remind the famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

However his real vocation has always been an intense love and passion for fashion. Being an adventurous boy, a “romantic” who strongly believes in his dreams and instincts, Daniele promptly decides to join what will soon become his biggest “adventure”: Accademia di Moda “Sitam”, in Lecce, where he will experience the genuine meaning of his passion and where he earns with the highest honours a diploma in aute couture modelling and tailoring (2013).

Daniele, moved by his burning desire and determination in facing the whole world and also by his first success gained at his academy stage, decides to fully approach the frivolous fashion world joining the “Bucharest fashion week” in the same year. He was so impressed by the elegance and refinement of all those creations and the superior taste of the haute couture design, that he becomes even more desirous and determined to know and at the same time to be part of this new adventure; in 2013 he also joined The fashion Grand Gala in Vaduz, rigorously made in Italy, held at the prestigious presence of the Royal family. In august of the same year, he joins “Gran Galà del Salento and “Fashion Puglia” bringing the vividness of his colors to his homeland.

After another year of hard work and improvement and after having joined “Bucharest Fashion Week” for a second time, Daniele earns with the highest honours in June 2014 a diploma in professional modelling and prototyping CAD 2D E 3D(LECTRA).
Daniele is a new, lively and powerhouse figure who strongly wants to give voice to his ideas and improve them so much that sometimes tends to go beyond himself; he is also a designer whose gentle, elegant, synuous and refined touches give his creations a wonderful contrast between elegance and splendour.

As a child, his myths have always played a crucial part in his continuous development: he has always taken inspiration from fashion icons such as the creative Armani, the coloured Ferretti and the delicate Marchesa as well as the evocative formal and classicistic aspects that strongly influence his works,that vaguely resemble the formal accuracy and the simplicity of the prominent sculptor Canova.
Sobriety and beauty are the main aspects Daniele’s creations are soaked with; a young but creative stylist with a strong desire to play an active and successful role in this big and fascinating world.