Boryana Vatova



Photo Credits

Photographer: Yoan Galabov
Model: Sevdalin Salyov
MUA: Marina Mladenova

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Boryana Vatova, Bulgaria, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
About This Project

In February 2015 Boryana Vatova graduated her bachelor’s degree of fashion design at New Bulgarian University. Currently she is at her master degree majoring fashion and business strategies at the same university.

While looking for inspiration Boryana usually gets excited about various things, but mostly about stigmas and taboos. She finds them charming mostly because they are so unexplored. Her last collection is provoked by “Cimitero Monumentale di Milano”.

With the sense of “the past” and on the same time upcoming future, the project: #RIGOR MORTIS put the modern man in to a different and experimental direction without frames.

Straight silhouettes are combined with a range of achromatic black, various shades and a touch of dark brown range, which are enriched by contrast focus of oxygenated blue – green.

The raw edges of clothes are in contrast with the faded effects of the fabric which bear a resemblance to a cracked soil.
Hems are missing – the neoprene is raw cut and the bottom is topstitched with chain stitch which gives a finished look to the garment.

The collars that are covering the face give a touch of mystery. Layering clothing is inspired by the style #layered and thus gives an overall finish of the silhouette.

Particular emphasis are aviator glasses, which are also #trend, but in a hybrid version that make the style even more exciting and innovative. The shoes give a rebellious radiation, which ends the overall look of the collection.