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24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Birgit Saviauk, Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts
About This Project

I`m a student of fashion design, in my final year toward a master’s degree.

Currently my goal is to develop my own handwriting in knitwear field and raise my own standards as high as possible. I think that my enthusiasm against knitwear came from my first exchange year in Edinburgh. It made me understand lots of aspects in different colours – as in art and life in general. It broadened my mind. There I found the art of knitting – along with its charm and pain. Its textures, the use of fabric, cuts, volume, manipulation, analysis, its form – there`s everything into it and ever more so.

It changed the general idea of art and fashion for me. I realised that art can be something that stays and what allows me to express myself visually and emotionally.

My greatest experience was from the fall of 2013 when I had a four months long internship by Pauline van Dongen in the Netherlands. She is a world-widely rising designer, with fascinating idiosyncrasy and style. That amazing opportunity was given alongside me to two girls from Italy. Not only could I attend in the implementation and realisation of designer collections, but I could also learn the basics of leading a brand and start to evolve my own handwriting.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to be the first intern in one of the world`s most modern knitwear factories E.Miroglio in Bulgaria.