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24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Aylin Elmaz, Bulgaria, New Bulgarian University
About This Project

My name is Aylin Elmaz and I’m 23 years old.

I live in Sofia, where I’m studying as a student in the New Bulgarian University- Bachelor degree “Fashion Design” in department “Design”.

During these four years in university I got a lot of skills and I have participated in many projects from which I got a lot of experience. I made out that fashion is so versatile that one can enjoy every part of the process: from inventing the idea and research, through the first sample, to the ready garment.

When it comes to me…

Since I was a little girl I have always had two passions: the first one is drawing. I love drawing graphic nature landscapes and portraits; the other one is to make small knitted and handmade clothes and details. So I started studying drawing and this was the key that unlocked my third passion – the fashion. After graduating from high school I decided to express that side of me and I applied to the New Bulgarian University.
This year, I am graduating by showing as a final performance my collection “Diverge”. It is inspired by the contemporary art. From the art that give us a new, more abstractive vision and imagination about aesthetics.

Creating my final project, I try to express myself from a different point of view. Especially using treatment capable materials, in order to create something different and abstract. Adhering to the words of Urs Fischer: “Our lives are all about order. Your body is about order. Excrement is separated from the rest of your body because it would be bad for you to have it in your blood-stream. Everything is in order — your thoughts, your words. When you’re an artist, you basically arrange, rearrange, or reshape; you play off order.”-That’s why, I create my collection out of the boundaries.