Antti Peltoniemi


Helsinki, FINLAND

Winner of

Mittelmoda 22nd Edition
Special Award Knitwear BENETTON

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Aalto University, Antti Peltoniemi, Finland, winner
About This Project

Antti Peltoniemi is a 25 year old Helsinki based fashion designer from Finland.
After finishing his BA studies in Fashion and Clothing design at Aalto University, he hopes to work as a designer for a well known label.
2014 was a great year for Antti, he had numerous and great opportunity:

NOTJUSTALABEL made a designer focus article about him, after his most recent competition success.

He took part in many competitions during the year with his bachelors graduation collection, like Habitus Baltija in Riga, where Antti won the Best Fashion School prize and the NOTJUSTALABEL prize.

He was also a International Talent Support artwork finalist in 2014 in Trieste (Italy) and he was also nominated to the designers next competition in Copenhagen, and was selected to be a part of the top 30.

After took part in different competitions, he had the great opportunity to do a design internship within Craig Green’s London studio, that gave him way to grow professionally.

Antti also has been working with some stylists in Finland and he was a intern in a finnish fashion magazine called Olivia.
He was working as a editor and a fashion design assistant, and he also did some of his own styling work for the magazine.