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23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Annaliese Griffith-Jones, Australia, Uts - University of technology
About This Project

Annaliese Griffith-Jones is a conceptual women’s wear designer specialising in knitwear. From a young age she had an acute interest in the mind and questioning of the workings behind thought and interaction. Combining these analytical pursuits organically with her desire for creativity came together to form a symbiotic relationship between the two streams.

Through out the years working towards her degree themes became increasingly prevalent as well as styles. A questioning of personal thought and interaction of mind and body came to an accumulation in her honors year.
Questioning of the frail border between sanity and insanity was visually manifested in an enveloping and confronting knitwear pieces. Knitwear was the ideal canvas with a visual past symbolism of handcrafts and institutional life. Through sketches and sampling Annaliese received the Calcoup Knitwear Scholarship which allowed her to produce an array of industrial machine knits (jacquard, jersey, rib) combining organically with lofty hand knitting techniques. The pieces represented a beauty within a wretched mind; through clinical liquid textures in foiling to partially felted rough hand knits.

Annaliese has chosen to continue her studies and in 2016 got accepted to Parsons in New York to study her Masters of Fashion Design and Society with the Provost Scholarship. She aims to evolve her ‘abject’ style further through challenging knitwear construction and form with psychology as a analytical backing.